BREAKAWAY - reunion concert ! ! !


You guys should start a band!” This was a common reaction among those who heard these guys at Sneakers back in the 1980’s. And, that’s just what happened. In fact, the “Wednesday Night Bluegrass” slot at the popular Winooski hangout was set up just so these guys could play.

Next thing you know, national band contests were won (Winterhawk -1994) ...their second album (“Watershed”, 1997) was rated #2 in an “end-of-year-best” ranking by the Chicago Tribune and reached the top 40 playlist in Wichita, KS (with single “Rosie Strikes Back” #8 on the Top 10  bluegrass song list!) ...and the accolades just kept comming!

Over the years, many of Vermont’s top bluegrass players cycled through the band. The band got so well known, so busy and so popular among bluegrass aficionados nationwide  that they only made it to Sneakers once a month. Finally, ten years ago – after nearly 20 years together – Breakaway officially disbanded

But Breakaway’s three vocalists Andy Sacher, Andy Green , and Pete Riley, and banjoist extraordinaire Scott Hopkins - still keep in touch. Pete and the Andys live within shoutin’ distance of each other here in Vermont and Scott is more or less a stone’s throw away on the other side of Lake Champlain (the Albany area). To their amusement, whenever they reconvene (a rare event and typically unannounced!), the jaw-dropping refrain most often heard from the fortunate few who, unbeknownst, stumble upon that rare performance is: “You guys should start a band!”

So, StudioThree is thrilled to make this official. Vermont’s most accomplished bluegrass band...


(...for one night only!) 

Do NOT miss this one! 


“I love Breakaway’s break with tradition (this ain’t no cookie cutter bluegrass).... We’ll be playing the heck out of it here in Nashville.”  Dave Higgs, WPLN-FM, Brentwood, TN

 Having never heard of Breakaway, their first album surprised me like a runaway freight car at a midnight crossing.... Great songs, hot picking, and smooth harmonies combined with masterful is as good as anything out there.” Orin Friesen, KFDI-AM/FM, Wichita, KS

“...unequivocally excellent playing and harmonies the Everly Brothers would have envied.” Pamela Polston, Seven Days